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Everything we do online leaves a trail.These digital footprints can provide a deeper understanding of how your customers search for, research and eventually purchase your products and services. And, just as importantly, why they don’t. When you don’t focus on the subtleties of these micro actions and motivations, you risk missing out on far more than you realize — from lost opportunities to misplaced resources.



Learn what you need to know in order to make deeper connections

Deeper customer connections begin with a deep understanding of the kind of business you have and your ideal customer experience. As we get to know you, your business realities and your goals, we’ll map out the information needed to increase your consumer connectivity. We’ll then present our research in a straightforward, actionable manner.


Know your customers and the business opportunities they present

Based on our analysis of your core competencies, your current customers and the broader population of potential customers, we identify and quantify your ideal customers. We look at what makes them unique and determine the business opportunities they present, providing as much detail and key insights as your budget and needs require.


Discover what goes into your customers’ purchasing decisions

We examine the range of criteria your customers use in their buying process. We look at the sources they consult, the information they consume and where and how they find these resources. This insight reveals the underlying rational and emotional reasons for their purchasing decisions, which can guide us to deeper customer connections.


Understand your customers on a more personal level

The value our research offers is the ability for insights about your customers’ personality and behavior traits to influence your current and future projects. We know marketers, writers and designers think differently. By creating customer personas based on who will use them and how they will be used, we reduce lost opportunities and misplaced resources.


What type of experience do you bring to my research needs? + -

We bring a wealth of experience from working with global and boutique data providers, data scientists and companies of all sizes. We are adept at navigating complex and challenging scenarios. In fact, our specialty is formulating and executing data strategy. We identify what information is required to execute different aspects of your vision, where this information comes from, and how it comes together. Identifying the right questions to ask creates a pathway to uncovering the answers you seek.

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What kind of investment might I expect for this research? + -

A good range to keep in mind when budgeting for your research investment is between $5,000 to $20,000. Every project is unique, of course. However, no matter the scope of the research, we prioritize your projects, ask narrowing questions and keep an eye on your budget. We find that formulating answers organically and acquiring the right data along the way is not only efficient but more actionable.

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Is there a norm for the range of results I can expect? + -

The goal for every research project is to alleviate assumptions so you may achieve clarity of purpose. Yet, the range of data available varies in terms of quality and is somewhat dependent on the questions we ask. Regardless, our commitment to you is honesty at any personal cost. We are transparent concerning the information upon which we base our conclusions, its sources, and the probable impacts on your business. No matter what the assignment, visual artifacts are provided for every research project we undertake on your behalf.

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