PA Douglas is one of the most interesting companies we've worked with. Founded by Paul Douglas, PhD, the company specializes in administrative training seminars. Since 1975, it has worked with over 100,000 administrative professionals from companies such as Disney, Mercedes Benz, Levi's, Volkswagen and Rolls Royce as well as the Government of Canada. Curriculum materials are entirely developed by Paul Douglas himself. Paul has published eight books in his illustrious career. He is a man of great humility and character that we deeply enjoyed getting to know.

inspiring action one touch-point at a time

We were hired to develop a data-driven content marketing platform that would enable dialogue with multiple customer segments at various stages of the buying cycle. The goal was to bridge the gap between curiosity and action, to shorten buying cycles and to reduce customer acquisition costs. Our solution focused on making use of the wealth of content the client already possessed by bringing it together in a way that was relevant to different customer segments. To move customers to action, we developed and tested a retargeting campaign that included several ads leading to a content hub we developed to house all of the content. Our approach resulted in reduced customer acquisition costs over the life of the campaign and greater conversion predictability.