Media Planning

As artists of communication, we’re intimately aware of our canvas — the media channels where our messages are displayed. We view media as a meeting ground. We believe new paths to connection are always more effective because they surprise and delight. As such, we have a responsibility to you, our client, to cultivate an ever-finer curiosity and ask questions that don’t usually get asked.




Channel Analysis

Uncover the best pathways to your customers

Most companies must navigate complex distribution networks and sales channels to get their products to market. We analyze these different pathways to determine the appropriate marketing channels to reach your ideal customers at different stages of your relationship. We evaluate programmatic, native, social, digital, direct mail, radio and other options singularly and as part of a multi-channel strategy to amplify response rates.

Media Analysis

Understand where and when to engage customers

Media analysis is vital to creating customer connections, especially when engaging new customers. When and where that first connection is made has a real impact on what happens next. Research confirms that people evaluate brands, products and services in different ways at different times. We can target the right media at the right time to intersect with your customer, and even determine when we shouldn’t.

Connective Media Plans

Create magical customer relationships

We specialize in creating moments of magic that turn into fibers of connectivity between you and your customers. We do this by planting seeds and watering them over time. First we create rapport. Only later do we invite the possibility of a transaction. This approach is powered by multiple, measurable outbound campaigns, each focusing on nourishing a different stage of the relationship, all connecting back to the individual customer

Media Buying

Turn the internet into an intimate meeting place

Media buying is where intention meets action. Our programmatic and traditional media experts understand the intricacies of serving a specific ad to a specific customer at an even more specific moment in time. We put you in front of customers in ways you’ve never thought of and maximize your investment by delighting and surprising your customers. All with a media placement cost less than you’re likely paying today thanks to our data-driven negotiating.


What experience do you bring to my media buying process? + -

We are a versatile media buying studio with a deep understanding of when and where to use different media types and channels for maximum impact. This experience, combined with our skill in budgeting and tenacity for media negotiations, allows us to provide our clients with media plans that are as efficient as they are effective. The media plan is the intersection of our entire suite of expertise — research, strategy, engagement planning and creative asset development. It’s the final magical touch that takes your marketing from ideas to action.

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What kind of investment might I expect for media planning? + -

Media costs can be broken into three essential categories. The first is channel and media analysis and the creation of your actual media plan. These costs vary based on your campaigns and customer engagement plans but can range from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. The second category is the cost for placing your media buy. This cost equals 15% of your media budget unless we’re on retainer, in which case it is built into your overall program fees. And finally, the third category is your actual costs for the media space or time purchased. This is a pass-through cost to media outlets such as Google, Facebook, etc. It can range from month to month and is dependent on your budget and goals.

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The range of results our Media Buying services enable + -

So many variables go into your media buy that no agency can guarantee precise results. However, our analysis and media planning services uncover opportunities to maximize even the smallest media budgets. And our approach to deeper customer connectivity often produces exponentially high response rates. In the past, we’ve doubled clients’ reach even as we reduced their budgets by half. Of course, some industries and media spaces are more competitive than others. What we do guarantee is that we learn from every single action we take, and that each move we make is designed with your benefit in mind.

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