Engagement Planning

Contrary to what some believe, there is no shortcut to engagement, no magic formula for deeper customer connectivity. It takes a great deal of planning and foresight to evolve an initial spark of connection into meaningful dialogues with multiple customers, all of whom have different needs and behaviors. The greater the care you put into each touchpoint, the deeper the relationship you can build. Each step into discovering the intricacies that connect you with your customers, is like falling in love with your business all over again.

What we do

Customer experience design

Cultivate customer relationships you love

Customer experience design begins with interviewing your team and customers to learn what matters to each at different stages of your relationship. This tells us how those relationships are doing today and provides a foundation upon which to deepen each. This roadmap also includes measurable experience standards, key messages, natural outcomes and communications workflows as well as experiential and practical benchmarks to ensure that every touchpoint, down to the tiniest customer interaction, works to deepen your relationships and rapport.

Sales process design

Change your relationship with sales

Conventional sales tactics aren’t as effective in a digital world. Customers simply don’t move through the purchase cycle in a linear fashion. Instead, we look for conversations that naturally form around your brand, your products and your customers’ needs. By determining which dialogues are the most important at different stages of your relationship, we can create targeted relevance. We can also discover when a customer is more likely to come to you and when it’s best for you to engage them proactively by gently triggering their curiosity.

Campaign Architecture

Evolve your campaigns to spark connectivity

Marketing campaigns are typically created to elicit a short-term action — sell more product, move stagnant inventory, get someone to do something. This is great for now but does little to impact the long-term. We help you establish a more balanced approach by looking at the business results you want to achieve, considering your customer segments and the various stages of your relationship with each, and learning when and how to spark a connection at just the right time to engage both current and future customers, how to evolve a dialogue and when a promotional offer is appropriate.

manage business expectations

Achieve faster growth by slowing down

Business is quite mechanical. To thrive, or even just keep your doors open, you depend on certain outcomes. Knowing this, it becomes easy to justify cutting corners or rushing a customer relationship that hasn’t yet taken root. But the cost of rushing ahead has far greater implications than we realize. No business is sustainable if it doesn’t constantly nourish the relationships it grows. We know you juggle many balls, as your partner we see it as our job to care for the details of every customer interaction, setting clear expectations for the scope of our work together.


What experience do you bring to my customer engagement planning process? + -

Since 2003, our CEO and founder, Adrian Constantin, has tried and tested hundreds of methods to reach people more directly. He treated both traditional and digital media channels as his laboratory. Over a dacade later, it was clear something wasn’t right. While client ROIs rose, the overwhelming majority of people still didn’t engage with their ads. Intrigued, we transformed into a research studio to more deeply explore this dichotomy by putting most marketing methods under the microscope. Before we knew it, our concepts were adopted by large corporations. Now we’ve unleashed this expertise for your benefit.

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What kind of investment might I expect for engagement planning? + -

We create modular planning programs that allow you to get started quickly and expand as needed. The average investment ranges from $7,500 to $35,000 or more depending on the scope of work. Several factors determine pricing: what industry are we looking into? Are we engaging multiple customer segments, and are we focusing on one or more stages of the relationship? Often we work with clients on retainer, which makes it possible to spread the investment over a quarter or even an entire year.

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Is there a norm for the range of results I can expect? + -

Our engagement planning details what’s happening, when, and how it all fits with your multiple business goals, relationship building stages and customer needs. You’ll no longer have to jump through hoops to figure out what campaigns you’re launching or where your focus should lie. Deliverables include detailed campaign strategies and plans that spell out the mechanics of our process. What this process is will depend on many factors, and we never guess. But you can expect better resource allocation, reduced implementation costs over time, and greater customer response rates.

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