Dashboard Reporting

Think of your dashboards as portals to your true business potential. While they do provide real-time reporting down to the task level for each marketing initiative, they also allow you to see the larger reality created by every action, or lack of action, taken by your customers. This greater insight allows you to explore opportunities and ideas you normally wouldn’t have time to see.




Project Dashboard

Know how your projects are progressing at any given moment

We break every project down into individual tasks and milestones that are each assigned to one or more team members. Additionally, the entire flow of information between our team and yours is catalogued online. At any given moment, you have visibility into what’s being worked on and by whom. This transparent and open way of working allows us to act as a real-time extension of your business.

Campaign Dashboard

Watch real-time campaign performance

We make it easy for you to focus on moving your business forward. We begin each campaign with agreed-upon KPIs and use our proprietary analytics infrastructure to give you easy access to various levels of reports. You’ll be able to see if content appeals to the right customers, if a newly-launched product is likely to fly off shelves, or if you’ll get those few extra consults to fill your schedule this coming Thursday.

Customer Dashboard

Witness individual customer responses and engagement as it happens

Track the impact your outbound marketing campaigns have on inbound customer actions in real-time. Identify which ads your customers respond and what they do next. Analyze the cumulative effect of multiple touch points over time. We give you the tools to make measurable, actionable and practical decisions.

Company Dashboard

See how your investment is performing

We know that our long-term success depends on yours. We’re intimately aware of the intricacies and dependencies that go into successful business relationships. We cultivate trust by offering you complete visibility into how your investment with us is making a positive impact on your business — practically and tangibly. Reports are tailored to your needs and always presented in-person for maximum transparency.


What experience do you bring to my reporting process? + -

Over the last 17 years, we’ve come to understand that our value proposition is that we’ve figured out how we can, in a small way, shift the way our industry works. This means we’re not at all interested in creating dependency between us. We exist to empower you. To that end, our journey together is temporary. We don’t want to be in the driver seat. That role is reserved for you. We’re simply here to help you build the capacity you need to go from a place of questioning to one of clarity, one of knowing you need to make changes to knowing precisely what changes to make.

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What kind of investment might I expect for dashboard reporting? + -

The best analytics solutions evolve with your business, so we never drop you into a system that’s more robust than you need. This means your up-front costs aren’t overwhelming. Two factors drive your analytics costs: the first is strategy and implementation, which can range from $1,000 to $50,000; this is coupled with technology fees, which range from $250 to $3,500 per month or more.

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Is there a norm for the range of results I can expect? + -

Deliverables include a suite of analytics tools optimized to meet your needs. Data has more value to you when you’re able to see the bigger picture, but remember that insights alone do not lead to action. It is up to us to act on this new knowledge. As a rule of thumb, the greater your involvement the more you get out of it. So in a lot of ways, the results are greatly dependent on you, and the impact your new dashboards have on your business is limited only to how deeply you make use of it. Otherwise, increased granularity distracts you from focusing on what matters – connecting more deeply with your customers and constantly improving.

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