Creative Assets

The most brilliant strategy is useless if it remains on a page and is never put into action. Think of your strategy as electricity, and your creative execution as the lightbulb. Your customers don’t see the strategy, but when executed correctly they benefit from it with every connection.


Brand Style Guide

Ensure brand continuity with a style guide

Our creative journey begins with the brand style guide, an essential document for any business. It ensures that any assets you or others create follows the same basic principles to ensure consistency. This includes fonts, colors, iconography, photography, web-specific elements, brand voice, and more. The implications of not having a brand style guide are staggering — from wasted resources to disconnected client experiences.

Asset Planning

Bring your customer engagement strategy to life with the right creative assets

This is where the rubber meets the road. After we’re clear about your customers and how we’re going to connect with them, we identify the various creative assets we’ll need, such as ads, articles and landing pages. From there, we create detailed briefs for our designers and writers to follow that describe each asset. Next, we develop creative schedules based on when assets are needed and assign development to the team members most capable of doing the job.

Asset Creation

Develop ads, articles, landing pages, infographics, print and digital collateral, signage and more

We enjoy the creative process as much as the strategy that drives it. We’re experts at creating digital ads, articles, landing pages and print materials that work. We believe creative genius occurs spontaneously, as we relax into the unknown. It’s from such a blank space of empty curiosity that our most ingenious creative ideas come from. Our speciality is developing sequential messages that build on one another to tell a cohesively connective brand story.

Asset Management

Store and distribute your creative assets to internal and external teams as needed

The assets we develop have little value unless they get to the people and eventually make it to the places where your customers see them. More resources go into managing the flow of assets between internal and external teams than most realize. To eliminate unnecessary redundancies, we develop storage and distribution processes based on your project specifics. This results in end-to-end transparency and speed to market.


What experience do you bring to my creative asset development process? + -

When it comes to the development of creative assets, we approach it with the soul of an artist and the mind of a scientist. In the last 17 years, our founder and CEO, Adrian Constantin, has worked on hundreds of creative projects in various roles as both a client and as an agency lead. That experience creates a rather unique perspective. Under his vision, we view the creative process with the same analytical lens and the same attention to detail as we do research and media planning. And because we’ve never been one for plug-and-play solutions — not with our messages or our people — we are meticulous in our assembly of your creative team, assigning your project to the creatives who best fit the type of work you need.

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What kind of investment might I expect for creative assets? + -

Because there are so many variables that go into estimating your creative investment, it wouldn’t be fair to provide a blanket range. The number and type of assets you need are dependent on campaign strategy, the creative concept, our media plan and your audience. We charge by blocks of time for the creative skillsets required. Hourly costs range from $50-$150 plus additional hard cost for production, which could include photography, videography, audio production, editing, etc.

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Is there a norm for the range of results I can expect? + -

Making connections isn’t all about the click. It’s putting an idea out into the world in the right space at a time when the right person is receptive to it. We guarantee that we have a plan for every piece of content we create. Whether it is telling a piece of your brand story, nurturing a relationship or raising the profile and standards of your brand, each piece of content is tailored to the media channel in which it will appear and designed to appeal to the audience it targets.  

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