About Us

Science of Connectivity™ is the culmination of two decades of passion and research. It’s based on the forgotten belief in the connective nature of authenticity. In this era of automated-rather-than-authentic communications, we seek to move beyond the limitations of current marketing practices to create deeper connections.



What We Do

We help create moments of magic that turn into fibers of connection between you and your customers - leading to organic and sustainable growth.

Who We Serve

We are based in Edmonton. Our clients range from local startups and nonprofits to global corporations. We seek out clients that aspire to achieve extraordinary customer intimacy.

The Subtle Difference

The guiding principle underlying everything we do is an uncommon philosophy to navigate uncharted pathways to your customers for more genuine connections.



Everything we do is rooted in a few simple truths we’ve come to know along the way — some of them as far back as childhood.


Being curious

The speed of business today can easily absorb us in a world of make-believe and moving goals. But when results are the furthest thing from our mind, when we are focused intently on the tiny details of our work, we start to wake up. We begin to see our work not from the perspective of what it can achieve, but from the fine realization of who we are as we achieve it. This naturally orients us to a depth of care that’s the foundation of excellence.


A genuine way to say "we care"

When we truly care, cutting corners loses its appeal. The integrity of the work we do, of the relationships we hope to build, matters to us. We pay attention to details and subtleties we wouldn’t otherwise notice. We begin to listen in ways where we really start to hear. And we see that our work is really about others. When we truly care, our actions become an act of love.


An inside out approach

There is an abundance of technology and resources available to us as marketers. But these are simply tools. They require a human touch to point them in the right direction, to wield them with laser-point accuracy. We use technology to drive efficiency without loosing sight of the humanity of every connection we help you make.


Beyond logic

Connection happens in an instant, but it doesn’t occur by accident. The more we look to manufacture connections, the further away from real connectivity we are. We can’t realize the potential of real connections by employing tactics that are of a different quality. This is the underlining misunderstanding of marketing as it’s practiced today.