Established in 1933, North American Van Lines has moved over 1,000,000 people across North America. The company manages an extensive dealer network of over 500 agents. Working with Integrity Movers, one of their Edmonton based dealers, Science of Connectivity™ is currently modeling, testing and optimizing an innovative market development strategy that focuses on simplifying customer aquisition and adding a touch of predictability to North American Van Line's customer experience.

A data-driven approach to engaging pepole moving in and out of edmonton

An average of 33,264 people move into Edmonton each month, and about 23,390 move out. Knowing where they come from or where they're going is the first step to eliminating marketing inefficiencies. This single piece of information enables decisions such as what markets to focus on first, next and last. Diving deeper and exploring the customer journey online, we sought to identify points of entry into dialogue, and what structure the dialogue needed to take. This allows us to deliver ads within context to people that are likely to find the information relevant. All while minimizing guesswork and reducing lost opportunities and ineffective use of resources. The end result is a series of strategic ads, articles and landing pages meant to inspire connection, all backed by science — our specialty.