One of the unique differences of Natural Terrain is that it's a husband and wife naturopathic team. Dr. Michael and Dr. Christina are both innovators in their field. Spend a few moments with them, and you're immersed in a depth of knowledge that has you immediately curious to learn more. Working with them has us asking questions that don't generally get asked to explore the intricate nature of human conditioning. For instance, for many people naturopathic medicine is their last resort.
It's easy to think this is due to lack of awareness or disbelief, but what we're finding goes deeper than that — it's our relationship to health and the role of healing that needs to open and change. We're discovering a natural dialogue that's able to take place and basing our communication campaigns on this knowledge.

introducing prolotherapy to edmontonians

Dr. Michael Mason-Wood is one of very few naturopathic doctors to practice prolotherapy in Edmonton. Prolotherapy is used to treat joint-related inflammation. It’s not new, yet his technique is proprietary and very effective. Our job was to find out who’s most likely to benefit from this treatment and to develop a communications platform that would interest them in speaking to Dr. Michael. We discovered over 2,000 people are actively engaging with related content each month. To reach them, we created several ads, articles and landing pages specific to conditions people were looking into. To get them to open up to prolotherapy and naturopathic medicine, our messaging is gentle and gets increasingly more promotional with each engagement. Here’s an example of a landing page we did — If the campaign is still live when you check this out, you’ll experience our retargeting.

A user friendly website that embraces the latest in information architecture

Natural Terrain had just redone their website two years before our engagement. It was a big investment, and their site looked great. However it didn't convert or keep customers engaged. We had to rethink the user experience, why and how people with very little understanding of naturopathic medicine would come to appreciate what it was all about. We looked at how people engage with medical information, and the role the website would play in future marketing initiatives. In this way, our solution covered many bases. We created a modular site so we can add to it in the future without having to redo it. And beyond functionality, we used this exercise to re-engineer the brand’s personality. We utilized fresh colors and a friendly tone in our content. The end product has over 150 pages. More importantly, it's built with the intent to create a community of engaged naturopathic medicine fans. Check out our work and “Your Health Hub,” which is a dynamic content hub packed with juicy information.