The Italian Centre, a specialty European grocer with four locations in Edmonton and Calgary, came to us to research and propose a solution to drive demand for their newly launched line of heat-&-eat meals, pasta sauces & soups, fresco-to-go dips & salads. We did just that. We didn't get to implement our solution, yet the depth of our research stands on its own.

A Data-Driven Approach to Creating Connection

For two years prior to our engagement, The Italian Centre had offered a line of fresh pre-cooked meals without garnering significant demand, despite the impeccable quality of their ingredients and their marketing. To find out how we might be able to change this, we mapped out their entire market opportunity. Focusing on one of their locations, we assessed their trade area based on where their current clients were coming from. From there, we acquired data to better understand who was buying fresh pre-cooked meals in this trade area, what type of products they were buying, how often they made these purchases, how much they spent, and more. Armed with this knowledge it became pretty clear, pretty quickly the problem wasn't the product or the Italian Centre’s marketing. At issue was the fact that the audience for fresh pre-cooked meals wasn’t currently shopping at the Italian Centre. To help move this prime audience to the Italian Centre, we looked at their media habits, the kind of content they engaged with, and where and how we might be able to reach them. All of this data laid the foundation for a data-driven marketing program meant to spark interest, nurture dialogue and encourage trial.