When he was very little, Brydon Edwards loved to stack things up playing Tetris. Little did he know this would one day turn into a life-long adventure helping people move. He started Integrity Movers in 2009 after years in the industry, keen on creating a new kind of moving experience for his clients. His company is now trusted by multi-million-dollar homeowners, many of the largest builders in Edmonton, and his staff.

simplicity and efficiency packaged in a custom website

For years Brydon worked on perfecting his product, concentrating on the little things that make it easy for his clients to love working with him and his staff. Yet his online presence didn't reflect the same level of care and excellence at all. That's where we came in. We spent lots of time getting to know Brydon, understanding his business, what he does, and what his clients care about. We explored the subtle nuances of the customer relationships Brydon wishes to create and the role of communications, including his website, in all of that. From there, we architected a website that looks quite a bit different than we first thought it would. Our initial idea was to build a playful site that was fresh, inviting and down-to-earth. Yet, as we looked at the type of information people sought as they planned a move and the competing resources offering this information, the more it became clear we should emphasize other qualities such as responsibility, professionalism and perfectionism. Very quickly, we saw an opportunity to bring all of this information together in a way that was easier for the enduser to digest and make use of. The end result is a very corporate-looking website different than most other websites in the space. Over three phases, we're envisioning a comprehensive resource an entire community and organic market development strategy could form around. You can see phase one here: www.integrity-movers.com