The coffee scene in Edmonton is thriving. With 91 independent cafes and close to 30 local roasters, we have a lot of options when it comes to getting our caffeine fix. But what about the people who are just beginning their journey into third wave coffee? What about those who have been drinking coffee for years, but have never tried a third wave roast? Or those who aren't even sure what third wave means?

Gems of Edmonton exists to bridge the gap between people at different stages of their coffee journey and local roasteries. We want everyone in the city—from newbies to experts—to be able to discover the best local roasters and get their hands on some of the best beans around town without having to navigate it all on their own.


Business development from the inside-out.

Our first task was to help Emma make sense of her markets. We learned that the Australian market consists of around 8,500 beauty professionals and about 4,000 salons serving 3,100,000 women who use false lashes. Our further discovery that Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney were all very different in terms of the volume of beauty professionals to users led to a market density analysis. This helped us determine which markets to focus on first. You may be interested to know that Brisbane is the lash capital of Australia. Next on our list was further dissecting our customer segments and defining how we would achieve Lash Republic’s business goals. To this end, we focused on creating wholesale accounts while appealing to our lash-loving endorsers to create a steady pull of the product through their distribution network. We launched several customer-facing campaigns over 12 months using a modular customer engagement strategy to leave room for learning and evolving our concept as we went along. And what we learned as we created our simple pathways to connection is that customers and beauty professionals act on firsthand experience. So we gave out free samples and invited both audiences to share their experience with others. As a result, our reach skyrocketed to an average of 120 new leads each month. We packed everything we learned during the first year into a brand-new website focused on building community and sparking direct dialogue with the brand and between users. We introduced the LR Lounge, which is a brilliantly simple content hub that appeals to all segments at different stages of the relationship. We architected the site to make it easy for wholesale accounts to learn about Lash Republic and join the club. Over the next couple of quarters as our model is solidly proven in Australia, we will expand into the US and Canada. Stay tuned and check out the website we built here: