Upon learning of the true impacts of traditional livestock farming and the potential of micro-livestock, crickets, as an alternative source of protein for humans, Simon Seeband set out to create Evolution Ranch. His company stems from knowing there's a better way and doing something about it. We began working with Simon early in his process, helping him turn his ideas into a chohesive website and online experience for his customers.



changing perception through curiosity

As you can imagine, we knew nothing of cricket farming as we began this project. The whole idea of consuming insects was foreign to us. Luckily, we value openness more than our comforts and have a natural inclination to being curious about all things. We were stunned to learn cricket consumption is nothing new. Eighty-percent of South America and Asia incorporate insects into their diets. There’s nothing taboo about it to them. We were hired to build a simple website, but we knew we must first dive deeper to discover the underlying beliefs that cause most North Americans to turn their heads at the very thought of consuming insects. At the same time, it became clear that many people in our part of the world already consume insects, and many more are open just enough that the right approach might spark a tiny bit of curiosity in them to try it out. We set out to appeal to each of these customer segments – no easy feat. We saw an opportunity for Evolution Ranch to be a thought leader in the space and centered our solution around a data-informed content hub. Once we discovered the primary customer segment, we laid out our content strategy, which included assessing what type of information we would disseminate and how it all fit with our customer experience design. This informed our navigation architecture and UX design. From there our idea evolved further. We wanted people to feel at ease as they visited the site, so we made it playful by creating several custom cricket illustrations. The color pallet is also intentionally friendly and inviting. And we created the Evolution Ranch logo to match the look and feel of the overall branding. We certainly learned a lot by being open, as we're sure will Evolution Ranch's future site visitors.