Website Development

Think of your website as a host that greets your customers, invites them in, helps them transition from their day, and answers their questions. More than that, your site gives them reason to return and inspires them to act on the changes they wish to effect.

What we do

Navigation Architecture

Build the best pathways to your customers

Think of the navigation architecture as the underlining current that carries a customer as they move about your website, finding answers to questions they already have and discovering new ones they never thought to ask. We research and plan your site navigation based on who your customers are, what brings them to your website, and what they’re likely to do when they’re there.

Connection Architecture

Identify connection points between you and your customers over time

Your website is the hub that connects your customers with your business when they’re not engaging with you directly, which is most of the time. We analyze the role your website plays in the customer creation process over time to discover connection pathways that amplify future communication initiatives. We build this understanding into your website layout, design and messaging.

Inviting Design

Express yourself and invite your customers in

Data shows people don’t gravitate towards pixel-perfect websites, but rather to companies they believe. Within moments of landing on your website, your customers know if they trust you and if they want to know more. And they have a sense of the kind of relationship they might have with you. That’s why website design is all about you. We help bring your passion to life so it sparks your customers passions too.

Site Build

Engineer the right functionality, implemented effectively

For us a website is never an electronic brochure. We build advanced functionality into your website based on your needs — from e-commerce to CRM and CMS integration, to granular analytics and more. We partner with specialized boutiques in Eastern Europe and Asia to bring you a vast portfolio of possibility at a fraction of the cost. And we don’t use templates. Ever.


What experience do you bring to my website development process? + -

For years we struggled to understand why so many of our clients’ websites didn’t support or fulfill the customer experiences and campaigns they hired us to create. So we started developing the sites ourselves. And, as with everything we do, it started with a question. Could we turn even the simplest of websites into a hub that connected customers across different stages of their relationship with a brand? The more we tested this idea, the more we realized its potential. A smart, focused website can amplify the effectiveness of your campaigns by providing clear pathways for evolving specific dialogues with different customer segments. Each interaction on your site deepens your connection with that customer.

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What kind of investment might I expect for website development? + -

Website development is such a personal process that it’s hard to give an estimate without a thorough conversation. However, we can tell you that an average investment can range from $7,000 for a smart micro-site of under 12 pages to $12,000 for a more elaborate website, under 20 pages with basic e-commerce functioanlity built-in. Pricing goes up from there depending on your needs. Our development process is modular, and we estimate your costs based on hourly blocks of time allotted to each of the three facets of the development process. These include user experience, graphical interface design and programming. Our UX and design work is handled in-house. We manage the outsourced programming of your site through our partner agency in India that employs over 100 programmers.

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Is there a norm for the range of results I can expect? + -

We provide expert UX design, which translates into a simple, intelligent user experience that engages your customers, reflects your business personality and supports your marketing efforts. We deliver beautifully designed sites built on easy-to-manage CMS platforms that are capable of tracking the cumulative impact of multiple touch points and deepening your customer relationships. And, of course, we provide on-going support, resolving any bugs with utmost diligence and care.

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