In his earlier days, Antonio Billota, was so adamant about his coffee etiquette that he became known as the coffee nazi in Edmonton. He put so much into sourcing and rosting his beans that if you asked for hazenut in your coffee, he would politely ask you to leave his store. He believed everyone has a moment to enjoy an expresso, so he wouldn't serve it to go. While some of his golden rules have softened over time, his passion remains intact. We think Da Capo is an amazing customer experience and love to have them as a client. We rejoiced at the opportunity to help them define and evolve their fanbase and community.

starting over - it's what we all do everyday

Da Capo simply means "starting over" in Italian. Antonio Billota believes that’s the magic of that first cup of coffee every day. There’s much happening around coffee. Coffee accompanies some of the most significant moments in our lives. Coffee shops are a big part of our day. It’s where we gather, do business and some of our best work. Every city has its own coffee culture with its own unique qualities and vibe. Edmonton is no different. But how do you create a vibrant community around a specific coffee shop? How do you differentiate a genuine desire for people to come together around a specific theme or topic, from self-promotional initiatives? This is the challenge we worked with Da Capo and Antonio to figure out. The idea of “Starting Over” gave us a starting point. As we rolled the idea around, we were stunned by how it connected with everyone, regardless of age, gender, education or whether they drink coffee or not. We start over every day we walk into our workplace, every morning we say hello to our spouse, right after we take a big fall or say something to someone that hurts, and particularly each time we’re less than kind with ourselves. The deeper we dove, the more we discovered opportunities to bring people together around this idea. To scale the concept, we needed to find a way to organically generate relevant content and get it in front of people who would find it meaningful. We quickly found various professionals willing to contribute content and put together an entire strategy connecting Edmonton’s leading minds in the fields of psychology, life coaching, meditation and holistic sciences. We discovered user-generated content would be most powerful, as it would invite dialogue and help form our community. An entire platform, based on a seamless user experience, is taking shape and coming to Edmonton soon - launch date not yet confirmed.