For over three decades, Bridal Fantasy has been Alberta's ultimate wedding guide. Every year, the company publishes a magazine and organizes two major events — one in Calgary and another in Edmonton. In 2018, we were invited to help boost attendance at their Edmonton event. And we only had 30 days to do it.

When a cultural event sparks a moment of connectivity

Bridal Fantasy's event was less than 30 days away from the time we were hired. With little time to propose and execute a concept, we looked to the much-anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince Henry and Meghan Markle and the media attention it had already generated and joined the conversation surrounding it. We developed several social media posts, targeted at newly engaged young women in Alberta that drew them to related articles we created and parked on the client’s website, with links to the Bridal Fantasy event. The concept was simple: There’s something magical about a Royal Wedding that attracts. What is it? Is it the glamour that surrounds the event? Or is it something finer that we relate to on a deeper level? A happily-ever-after of our own. The campaign was concluded at the event, where we managed a Facebook live session and photo shoot.