It's Time To Bloom is a multi-day festival that inspires people to live a heart-centered life and business. The festival is the work of Robindra Mohar and Myrah Peneloza. For over 6 years, they've poured their whole hearts into it, successfully growing festival attendance to around 1000 people. They are Edmonton's most prolific speakers in the holistic space. We were hired to help boost attendance to their event.


a programmatic advertising success story

With less than two weeks to prepare, we assessed the volume of people we could reach online with a high propensity to attend Bloom. We planned a multi-touchpoint campaign meant to keep the event top-of-mind in the days leading up to it. Using a programmatic advertising strategy, we disseminated ads on publisher websites our audience frequented, bringing them to Bloom’s website. The campaign generated a likely increase in attendance of around 200 people, a net increase of 20% in just two weeks.