Al Centro is a culinary experience unique to Edmonton. The restaurant launched in 2019. It's a culmination of three to four dinning and community concepts from Italy that wouldn't survive on their own in Edmonton. Basically, Italians don't go straight home at the end of their work day. They stop for a pre-dinner drink to mingle with co-workers and friends over a small bite. We were hired to create a communications platform and website, which would interest Edmontonians in a lifestyle change.

A websites we loved working on

Al Centro is a Roman-style pizzeria that's designed to be a gathering place. It's an open concept that's very popular in Italy. Working closely with Antonio Billota, owner of Al Centro, we worked to find an angle that would do justice to the food while inspiring people to make the place their own. Our solution was quite simple actually. We wanted people to come experience Al Centro for themselves. We recognized that if we tried to say everything at once, people won't connect with the subtle nuances that make Al Centro such a magical place. So our content architecture is based on bite-size pieces of information that tell you just enough about the experience to inspire you to want to check it out yourself. Two things stand out: the blog, which is strategically populated with content about Italian food culture and our "invite a friend" app, which makes it possible for you to let your friends know you're dinning at Al Centro after work. Official launch date to be confirmed.