How to Be Productive: Having a Child-like Spirit in a Grown-up World


We ask ourselves – how can we evolve, create, and achieve our goals? Yet stress weighs on us, and pushing to accomplish is frustrating even when it brings success. There must be a place in between, where we achieve goals effectively and easily.

Success literature explains how to strategize and organize, but a few steps back, before we were trained by complexity, we knew something more basic, and perhaps more powerful. It’s as simple as the movement of a bird in flight. Take a moment to remember the vital days of childhood, and the happiness that motivated you. The business world may seem too complex for a child’s eyes, or it might be a perfect fit.

When you or I envision our goals, we quickly see obstacles. Some attention goes to the results, but much remains with reasons “why not.” When a little boy wants a ball bouncing away, he runs for it, and the dash ends up being more rewarding than the ball anyway. The desire for the goal flows directly into action before the child can even think. It’s astonishing how quickly we invent obstacles in our minds, while the movement forward is already in our nature. Over thinking is an adult’s burden, but our thoughts reflect ourselves more than the world. As children are filled with love and possibility, they jump into the world as if it’s exactly the same as they are.

Or imagine swishing your hands in a calm lake. We enjoy this simple law of nature when the water ripples through our fingers, but we forget it en route to success. Yes, the world is less predictable than a pool of water, but it still flows according to our own movement. Children assume the goodness in life as quickly as we assume complications. The energy spent to chase the ball means nothing once the item of desire is in sight, and the elements are material for shaping dreams, rather than stuff in the way, as we “experienced” people perceive it.

Children see the world as they experience themselves, with energy for creation. As adults, we have skills and education, but how effectively do we use it? Our understanding of the world leads us to expect difficulties rather than overcome them.

Take a leaf from your little boy or girl’s book: dive into your vision like success is a guarantee. We will need all our wits to make it happen, but the wind in our sails is the spirit of children.


Adrian Constantin is CEO and Founder of Science of Connectivity™. His background includes 24 years of experience in communications, working with companies such as Siemens, Labatt’s, Givenchy and General Electric

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