Changing the way people think about coffee.

The world of specialty coffee is a rich and diverse one, full of complex flavors, textures, and experiences. It's also a world that most people know little about—and that's where we come in.

We spent months meeting people who had little or no affinity with specialty coffee. We gave them samples of different coffees from different roasters and asked them to describe back to us what they tasted. Only 1% were able to identify tasting notes listed on the bag by the roaster.

This told us two things: first, that many people don't have a vocabulary for describing coffee—they don't know what they're looking for or how to communicate it; second, that by developing their palate and understanding of specialty coffee their entire experience is likely to change.

In our quest to help non-specialty coffee consumers transition to specialty coffee, we dug deeper into this problem. We found that roasteries and cafes are disseminating very little content that directly addresses this customer segment - even though it makes up 90% of coffee consumers.

This lack of education empowers a culture where most people buy coffee based on price alone or simply because they've always purchased it from one chain store or another.

We're on a journey to change the way people think about coffee.

We believe that when you're able to connect with the “casual” coffee consumer in a way that encourages them to try new coffees, brew methods and brewing devices—and develop a taste for better quality coffees—they’re more likely to come back again and again. It's what we see as next for the specialty coffee industry.

And so, we've dedicated ourselves to helping roasters and cafes around the world do just that by researching their customers' needs and behaviors, designing customer experiences that fundamentally change people's relationship with coffee, and then testing those experiences on real-world customers—all in an effort to help you make your business more beautiful.


Adrian Constantin is CEO and Founder of Science of Connectivity™. His background includes 24 years of experience in communications, working with companies such as Siemens, Labatt’s, Givenchy and General Electric

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